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Marketing Depot’s Geek Speak Translator


The way a server (or computer) "holds/Keeps" the data for faster reference.  So a website is cached on a server allows the pictures and files stay there (like a cookie) when the next consumer asks for that site it downloads faster.


a.k.a Content Management System allows the owner to make changes without knowing a programming language


The information that goes on the individual pages.  Can be images, paragraphs of information, logos, links - Content is often used in our office to refer to the copy writing portion of a website.


Information that is stored on your computer, that is left on another computer that you have visited.

Domain Ownership:

The "admin" email is the legal owner of the domain name.  You may own the name and paid a developer to purchase the domain - but it is impossible to get a registrar to speak with about the domain name - unless you have the admin email.

Domain Squatting:

When a web developer purchases someone else's domain name and will not give it back to the rightful owner.


a.k.a File Transfer Protocol, a.k.a file upload.  FTP is a vehicle (software that allows data to be uploaded or downloaded.  It's how we move a site from our server to the server so the rest of the word can see.

Hosting / Hosting Account:

The files that make the website "viewable" have to be stored in a place that is accessible to the public.  Sites are usually built on a local machine, then "uploaded" to a server that "allows" others to visit and have access. 


a.k.a. Hyper Text Mark Up Language.  The first type of language that could be viewed on a web browser to see pictures

Hyper Local:

Hyper local is the next generation of search engine speak that explains the process of indentify areas that a business wants to target to do business in.

IP Address:

IP can refer to a computer or website.  Internet first started with a numbering system (like the library).  It explains what computer (server) it's on, what part of the server etc.  Just like a home address - there is only one address for each website or computer


Submission to a server (or search engine) that there is new data available.  Server sends a robot a.k.a spider out to investigate.  If deemed trustworthy data the server will store the data in cache for faster retrieval


The words or pictures that take you to the individual page.

Online Properties:

Any asset, intellectual property, or profile that contains your companies information.  Such as:  Google Places / Google Maps / Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Interest. 

On-Page Search Engine Optimization:

On page also referred to as on-site is the website itself.  The content art and graphics that can be seen by the general public.

Off-Page Search Engine Optimization:

Off-page refers to the code the programmer uses to help the search robot find your site.  It also can be techniques such as back linking, press releases, video and more.


Servers know the site is there its viewable on other internet service providers.

Programming Language: 

Html, PHP, ASP, Drupal, Word Press, Joomal -- and thousands more

Source Code: 

The actual code that is written in the above language -- how's it's written


All the information that you want on the site … kind of like an index in the front of a book… tells you were to find all of the individual pages

Shopping Cart:

The ability to sell merchandise from their e-commerce website.

Search Engine Optimization:

a.k.a. SEO. The process of cleaning website code of errors & warnings, as well as adding tags and other code markup to assist the search engine's crawl through a website when indexing the site into the correct keyword categories. The process of "doing good web".


Is an richly encoded document that is served across the internet. The document can be simple, showing only text and pictures, or it can be more complicated, where the business can use it to solve problems or make access to information and services more convenient.

Technologies for Websites:

Can be anything from calendar to add an appointment, a blog, a photo gallery, a upload photo for fast estimate, Content management system your imagination is the limit.

View Source:  

Each browser will let you see the code used to build the page. The setting is almost always found under "view source" in your browser's toolbar

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