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Climb Out Of Your Inbox


Three Tips To Help You Climb Out Of Your Email Inbox:

  1. Setup your favorite incoming news articles and press releases as RSS feeds or set rules to send to a read later folder.  By moving them automatically out of your inbox they are out of sight out of mind - until your bored sitting in the doctor's office, waiting for the next appointment - or if your in Houston sitting in traffic (not that I do that or encourage that).
  2. Create a folder structure.  For example things I want to follow up on I cc myself the email and move it into a "follow up" folder.  Once a week I purge the folder or readdress the email.  All client emails or communication regarding clients are moved into a client folder for future reference.  Home stuff folder has too many sub-folders of kids, teachers, sports or things for later. But you get the idea.  Organize your inbox to move old emails out and file in a way that makes sense for you.
  3. Respond quickly - even if you don't want to!  Often I catch myself getting "stuck in the mud" answering easier emails because the more challenging ones take more time.  Answer emails in first in first out order. Even if you have to postpone the real answer at minimum acknowledge that you received the email and provide a date to respond with an in depth answer.  

Remember, just because it says "in"box doesn't mean that you should live there. Climb out of the inbox and get some work done!


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