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Does Your Website Need Some Spring Cleaning?

Let’s be honest… you’re busy marketing your company online across social media platforms and managing your online advertising campaigns. But how often do go over your website to make updates and clean up any loose ends? 

Some small changes can have a huge impact on your website’s performance, and may even boost your search ranking significantly in combination with other on-page SEO efforts. We’ve designed a checklist to go over while cleaning up your website to make it easier for you to manage the necessities:

Spring Cleaning Checklist

☐ Are the contact details accurate and identical across all of your web pages?

☐ Have you updated the “News” section or added relevant content recently?

☐ Are the contact pages updated and all contact forms working?

☐ Are your social media links visible and connected to the right accounts?

☐ Do you have any broken links on your web pages?

☐ Check your website’s content – is it all still relevant and applicable?

☐ Can you update your testimonials section to add recently satisfied customers?

☐ Is the information on your website clear, easy to understand, and readily available?

☐ Is the most important information on your website easy to find and draws attention?

☐ Is the website design and layout updated to current usability standards?

☐ Does your website have a mobile version (or is it built with responsive design)?

☐ Find out which pages are being viewed the least – then update their content and add links.

☐ Upload some new photos or videos to share what you’ve been doing lately!

☐ Add some new content to your website that lets your visitors know what’s going on!

After you've updated your website’s content and reorganized any inconsistencies, you can get back to sharing your brand and recent updates across the web! If you’d like us to help you get your website back to front-and-center in search results, give us a call today at 713-457-1460!

Click Here To Download Our Free Checklist


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