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Google’s HUGE Mobile-Ready Update, And What You Can Do About It


There’s no more denying that smartphones and mobile web are now fully embedded as a part of everyday life now. No matter where you turn, whether you’re riding the train on your commute to work or enjoying a nightcap at your favorite bar or restaurant, smartphones are everywhere. 

The average smartphone user checks their phone up to 221 times per day, and smartphone usage is expected to soar above 2 billion users sometime this year. 

This has major ramifications for business owners, as they are wrestling to compete in yet another important aspect of their overall marketing strategy: mobile search.

Google’s team was recently quoted as saying that the upcoming mobile-friendly ranking algorithm that will launch on April 21st will have more of an impact on Google’s search results than even the Panda and Penguin updates did! 

The team also announced that this change would have a “significant impact” on mobile search results. 

Mobile compliance is no longer optional.

But is mobile-friendly even enough? Google recently rolled out their Mobile-Friendly Test so that they can help webmasters determine what steps must be taken in order to ensure their success on Google’s search engine results after the big changes take place on April 21st. 

Consider Google’s recommendations as a starting point as opposed to an ending point, with the real takeaway of understanding a new “mobile-first” perspective. Web developers should approach their design process in the future from the mobile-first standpoint, creating responsive web pages that look beautiful and are easy to use, no matter what device their audience is connecting from.

If your company’s website isn't mobile-ready, or you’re not sure and would like to find out how you can breeze through this transition, please contact us today at 713-457-1460 today for a free consultation!


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