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5 Ways Small Businesses Win Online

5 Ways Small Businesses Win Online HoustonMarketing and branding often comes with a budget that smaller businesses may not be able to afford. With the boom of the internet and social media, there are many ways small mom and pop shops can compete and beat big corporations. Marketing Depot Inc. specializes in helping small businesses with creative solutions. Here are five of the best ways that small business can win online:

1.  Social Media Marketing

The boom of social media and mediums such as Facebook and Twitter are examples of advertising spaces that don’t require an initial cost of entry. Learning the basics of social media and interacting with your fan or customer base can be worthwhile.

Most small business owners can create their own Facebook Page, Google+, and Twitter accounts for free.

Be warned however that a well-run social media campaign is extremely time consuming and bears a learning curve. Optimizing and finding followers online can be a very rewarding albeit challenging process. We see some small businesses run their campaigns while others turn it over to an agency to increase skill specialization.

2. Faster Adaptation

Websites (well, good websites) are a living entity that changes and adapts to its surroundings. While big companies with vast budgets may be able to outbid and mass advertise themselves both online and off, they likely do not have the same flexibility and response small businesses do.

Is there oncoming storm causing roof damage in your city?
A small roofing company can quickly adapt and change their online advertising message

Whether it is their website itself or Google AdWord campaigns, being local and nimble can give small businesses an edge. A larger corporation like Home Depot or Lowes may not want to expend the cost and energy it takes to micro manage media for a small town.

3. Low Start-Up Costs

While websites can be expensive based on the work need to execute them, they are very affordable when compared to traditional marketing mediums such as print and mail. A well-built website can last a small business several years with only minor updates.

Online advertising is much cheaper overall than most marketing mediums.

Getting an initial site up can be very affordable. Getting it to rank well in Google and other search engines along with gaining traffic back to your website (and eventually business) will require a bit of a learning curve and time investment. Be wary of “instant” or “fly-by-night” websites which are often sold, your reputation online extends to your brick and mortar. A poor quality site can often hurt a business more than it helps.

4. Online Niche Communities

Just like any smart business owner will look for a niche to fit in for their brick and mortar, there are many online niches that you can capitalize on. Finding a local community online can be worthwhile.

Take care of a small online community that most big businesses often overlook.

Build a relationship with smaller communities online. Once you become a trusted authority figure in your field and have proven yourself to a community, you will build relationships that last for years. Take care of your online community the same way you would take care of your local community.

5. Online Reviews

While most business owners are weary of advertising or finding customers online, many of them already have a customer base they’ve forgotten about.

Encourage your customers fill out a review whether it be on Google, Facebook, Yelp, or other channels.

By having a closer relationship with your customers than most corporations do, small businesses are often able to get not only more but better reviews from their clientele. Make sure to delight your customers by serving them better than the corporations and they will jump to spread your “brand” and business to everyone.

Here at Marketing Depot Inc., we work with small businesses every day. We form winning strategies for small businesses through both online and traditional marketing. By understanding how your business is different than your competitors with a seemingly endless budget, we can find creative solutions to help your business grow.

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