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The Day Marketing Died In Dallas

Being in the SEO / web development industry provides us with an opportunity to create sites that either we sell to future business partners (clients) or that we use to generate leads to give to our existing clients.

We've only just started testing this sales strategy, but let just say that the test is working well.... maybe too well! 

We place tracked telephone numbers on the site and then make the phone ring to our office or have the form fill come to our email. We will then send the lead on to our clients.  

Apparently, Dallas had a storm last night and trees began to fall like dominos (at least it seems that way with the calls we generated). Keep in mind that we're not a tree company - we build websites.  We professionally handled each call with a promise that our certified arborist would call today. 


We don't know any Dallas arborists! Being resourceful, we called one of our clients and asked if he knew any Dallas tree companies. He being the recipient of a few of our leads he was only too happy to share his friends in the Dallas market.

So this is how my afternoon went:

Me: Hi Sam, Ed  told me to give you a call and give you a referral.  It's for tree removal in Dallas.

Sam: Okay.

Me: My name is Sherry with Marketing Depot. We are a web development company.  Occasionally we build sites in other markets, get them on page one and sell the sites to companies that want to work on their online presence. However  we have a tree removal site on page one on Google  that is generating phone calls right now. Since we are not in the tree removal business we would like to pass this lead to you - free of charge.

Sam: I'm not interested.

Me: Sam you miss understand - I'm not selling you anything.  I have a person in Dallas that needs a tree removed.

Sam: Oh, well let me call you back - what's your number?

Me:  Don't take my number - here's the number of the person that needs tree removal.

Sam: Oh, okay I can call her.

Me: By the way, I have another lead that emailed this morning and wants a quote.  Would you like to email them back so that you can quote them too?

Sam:  I have to email them?  

Me: Yes, just ask him for a phone number so you can quote them.

Sam: Oh, okay. (he's completely lost now)

Me: Sam, Ed and I have done business together for 13 years.  I'm not pulling a fast one.  I've just got a couple of leads that I can give you for free.

Sam: hmmm.

Me:  Should I pass these leads on to xxx also referred to me by Ed?

Sam: Oh No!  I will take care of them.

Me: Geez! I've never worked so hard for free!

What I did not tell Sam is that I had already spoken to the other two companies Ed referred me to. I could not get past the gatekeeper to get to the person I was calling for. They saw Marketing in the caller I.D. and immediately shut the door. Even after I explained the situation, the gatekeepers were not open enough to see opportunity knock. 

My point to this story is that good deals occasionally come along, and everyone in your organization should be taught to look for them and be empowered to respond to them.

More importantly, in the words of Paul McCartney: "Someone's knocking at the door, do me a favor open the door - and let 'em In!"


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