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Local SEO - For Local Businesses

Now that you've built your site, it's time to dig yourself out of the internet black hole.  We know it's a confusing process with so many companies throwing so many ideas at you - it's challenging to determine what the right thing to do is - or what does "good web" means for that matter. 

We're a little different than most digital marketing companies. We believe in explaining what is it that we do in as little "geek speak" as possible - that way you know what we're doing with the money you are investing. For us, an informed customer is the best type of customer.

Here's our 4-step process to Local SEO:

  1. Error & Warning Free Website Code - Programming (IL Case Studies)
  2. Show up on Google Maps - Our Google Maps Success Stories (IL Case Studies
    Get Found Online in 200+ internet directories
  3. Get Found in your preferred neighborhood: Also known as Service areas, Hyper Local Targeting, or Geo Anchoring
  4. Pay for Clicks with Google Adwords - Page 1 Success Stories for Neighborhood Targeting  (IL Case Studies )

We've helped companies grow from 3 phone calls a day to 20 qualified phone calls per day.  We've seen our customers grow from 1 service truck to 10 service trucks. We've helped our customers grow from 1 service related industry and cross over to multiple service industries, while increasing from $1 million per year to $25 million in annual revenue - and we like to think we had a little to do with it! Of course, the business owners still had to do their part, but together we were able to accomplish their goals and more - and that's when you know you have a great partnership.  

We Understand Local.

We know what it takes to be a successful local business, and we know what it takes to bring you calls from the clients you're looking for. Call our marketing consultant today and ask how Local SEO can work for your business: 713-457-1460.

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