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Get Found Online With A Business Profile

So you might be wondering: what is a business profile?  Well, it's exactly what it sounds like: a mugshot of your business that is posted online for the world to see. Okay, well a mugshot might be a bit extreme, but it is the face of your company which you can then place in different online databases for searchers to find your information.

At the risk of sounding old school (we prefer the term retro), think of it like the yellow pages. The yellow pages is a directory in your market place, and whether you purchase an ad in it or not, they still list your business with your name, address, telephone number, and they will then place you in the right section so that people kind find you when they need to. 

Internet directories operate on the same principle, except that there are hundreds of online directories that all crawl through each other's pages and share information. The more times you’re found in these directories, the more credible your company becomes… if the information is consistent.

What we'll do is clean up your online profiles and make them consistent in 200+ directories. When the search engines crawl through, you will get the full benefit of all your hard work and your name will be displayed consistently. The more times that you’re found online, the more credible your company looks to the search engines.

The more credible you are, the more search engines like you, know how to categorize you and eventually help get you ranking where you want to be.

Success doesn't happen overnight: it is a process. Just check out some of our most recent success stories, or to learn more about why profiles are important, call our experts today at 713-457-1460. 

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