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Local SEO Starts With Good Website Code

Showing up on page 1 of Google's search engine results is not easy task, especially for small to mid-sized business. 

The first step in our process calls for a good HTML code in your website. What good HTML code means is that it is free from errors and warnings. If you're like most business owners, you probably didn't know your website could have errors and warnings. 

Here's the layman's example of errors and warnings: have you ever noticed that software companies like Microsoft or Intuit upgrades their software every two years, or in the case of Quickbooks every year?  The reason they upgrade is that these companies develop faster, stronger, and more reliable machines every year. As they research and develop their new products, the older software on your machine becomes outdated, so you upgrade to the newer software.  Websites are similar to software in this example, as the protocols for internet programming languages are updated on a regular basis as well.

If your site hasn't been upgraded in a while, then it most likely has become outdated. If it has, then it probably also has errors and warnings which need to be repaired.

Here's why errors and warnings can be bad for search engine optimization:

Outdated HTML website code creates errors and warnings. These errors and warnings act like speed bumps and stops signs for the search engine robotsSearch engine robots crawl through your HTML code (the stuff you can't see) to try and determine where they should "categorize" (or index) each of your website pages. Search engines do this so that when a consumer searches for "hammer," the search engine has a better chance of showing an actual hammer that is a tool versus the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles. Properly categorizing your website is a big deal to the search engines, and you can do this by populating your content with awesome related keywords and phrases that will express the intent of your web pages.

Search engine robots also have what's called a crawl budget. Since there are billions of pages that must be categorized, how long can the robot stay on any one website? If your website has errors and warnings that need to be resolved, the search robot exhausts its allotted time to crawl through your pages and then moves on, without ever fully indexing your web pages. 

So, now it's time to get busy!

Start by cleaning up any bad HTML code on your website and then have your website developed or redesigned according to today's current HTML standards.

You're not a "set it and forget it" business owner any more. You know how to do good web!

Give us call today at 713-457-1460 and freshen up your code. 

At least do it for the robot's sake.

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