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What Is Great Marketing?

That's an easy one: marketing that works, of course!  But the real answer depends.

Great marketing depends on your company, your industry, your goals, your growth strategy and of course: your budget.

The bottom line is that great marketing: brings you customers, makes your phone ring and generates sales

After your marketing has brought you a customer, what are you doing with your existing customers?  

  • Are your remarketing to them?
  • Are you cross-selling to them?
  • Are you asking them for referrals?
  • Are you asking them for testimonials?

It is far less expensive to promote to an existing customer than to market to a new customer. New customers must see your name on average of seven times in order to recall your company name. As an existing customer, they already know you and trust you!

Great marketing does not have to be complicated - just executed well, with careful attention to details. In the words of one wildly famous brand: "JUST DO IT!"

Make your plan, then execute your plan.

Test it, revise it, then re-execute it.

Work with even the smallest of budgets. 

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