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AdWords Makes It Rain!

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) online advertising is fantastic!  

Some say it’s the fastest way to make it to page 1 on Google.  

Yes, sometimes you have to pay to play.

Being successful with your Google AdWords campaign takes a few things:

  • Active Management
  • Creativity & Research Skills
  • Understanding How People Search
  • Budget (want a FREE AdWords coupon?)

As a Google Engage Agency, we know how it's done!

Our process for Adwords & PPC Campaign:

  • Ask a ton of questions
  • Give you homework - hey, it's your business!
  • Check out your competition
  • Identify which keywords should be best for your business
  • Collect your homework and compare notes for A/B testing
  • Create a killer campaign structure based on your goals
  • Deliver amazing ads and content
  • Micro-manage the *heck* out of it

How We Manage Your Adwords & PPC Campaign:

  • Analyze data to improve click and conversion rates
  • Record calls and listen to gain insight to what your customers are saying - things that numbers can never tell us, and things that your employees won't tell you
  • Count the beans: we look at the hard numbers
  • Repeat, repeat, repeat

It goes without saying that managing a successful Google AdWords pay-per-click campaign can be time consuming, and most people aren't experts in all things Internet. 

We are a Google Engage Agency and experts in AdWords

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