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Newsletters are a great way to market to existing customers, focus on customer retention, as well as connecting with consumers who are already enthusiasts of your product or industry. These categories of consumers have a vested interest and are more likely to consume the larger amount of information that your company newsletters would tend to offer. 

Newsletters, if done correctly, can develop consumer loyalty and drive additional sales into other product lines that you may be offering. 

Whether your newsletter is designed for digital publication or traditional print and mail methods, there are still a few things to keep in mind when developing your newsletter.

Reasons to offer a company newsletter:

  • Retain your existing customers
  • Earn new customers by being the expert
  • Establish authority in your market or industry
  • Market new products or services
  • Promote ads, discounts, or specials

Newsletters are not the easiest source of marketing, as they do require time and effort, but they are very effective in retaining customers and establishing your company as the industry expert.

Newsletters can add valuable content to your site that the search engines and even new consumers will love. It almost goes without saying, that any traditional printed newsletter must be converted to an online format.

Be the expert by reaching out to new and existing customers.

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