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SEO Facts and Fiction

All SEO companies are not created equal.

There is so much bad information on the Internet about SEO that it makes good companies look like we don’t know what we’re doing. As a business owner, you are left to work out who to trust and who not to trust - to determine what's real and what's not.

At Marketing Depot Inc., we stay informed with the latest Internet changes, go to lots of Internet conferences like Pubcon and SMX, and hangout in some of the geekest corners of the Internet. More importantly, we've been getting customers successfully ranked on page 1 for years.

We know a thing or two about "good web," and even more importantly: we believe in being transparent with what we do. Here are a few things that our customers should be aware of:

FICTION:  I have a website, that should be enough!

It's not the field of dreams!  Just because you build it does not mean they will come.  Having a website without creating an SEO strategy is equivalent to printing 10,000 business cards and leaving them in your desk drawer.  You have to hand them out to get traction.  You have to make the search engines aware you’re online to get online traction. 

FICTION:  I placed an advertisement that will get me on page one

Many printed publishers have gone to the strategy of tying their printed piece along with a digital component. Many of these companies are claiming profiles and Google maps - which is great if you own the site and the phone number they are posting.  Most companies do not, so they are not getting the full value of the dollars spent. 

If this company does not list you EXACTLY the same way on this profile, then they are not giving you the best value for the listing.  See our business profile page for more detailed answer.

If you are using multiple companies, then you are competing with yourself and confusing the search engines as to which listing they should trust.

FICTION:  ABC Company guarantees I will be on page 1 of the search engines

Unless this company IS Google, they are lying.  Run as fast as you can!  Even Google states in their guidelines that they do not guarantee page one results.  Many companies out there are misrepresenting themselves as a Google partner or Google consultant or make it seem that they are Google by verifying your map listing.  Bottom line, if they have to trick you to talk to you - what will they do to get your hard earned dollars?

FICTION:  If a buy a domain name with keywords in it - I will rank

This is the latest tactic in SEO quick fix wizardry.  Domains with keywords do help but stuffed domains hurt.  The age of the domain carries more weight than the keywords.  So if you’re an older business with a domain name that has been around - keep it.  Focus on doing good web, not tactics.  If it seems like a quick fix - it's mostly likely a short lived fix.

FICTION:  Lots of links from other sites coming into my site will get me ranked

Before Google's Panda update, link farms cropped up and get rich schemes began.  Back links into a site are designed to be credibility "points" and should be good links coming back into your site.  Links from the directory of directories in India are not deemed helpful and will actually hurt your SEO.  All links are not created equal.


FACT:  Blog Articles Help SEO

You've heard it a million times, content is king!  Content is king for a few reasons:

If you’re writing content then your site is changing on a regular basis.  Changing site means you're doing "good web" and the search engines have to crawl your site frequently to see what you have changed.  If your site doesn't change - no need to crawl it.  Good point huh?

Google is a word connoisseur.  The more words on your site the more they describe what you do, the more ways you are relevant to the person who searches. 

FACT:  Photos Help SEO

It's true that Google has the ability to identify and index images, but images used repetatively can hurt your SEO. Images that are unique to your company can help not only in the search engine aspect, but also in terms of your customer's perception. Your images are more personable, and people want to do business with people that they trust. 

FACT:  YouTube Videos Helps SEO

Videos are more value-added content, and videos that are tagged properly can really boost your SEO in terms of connecting visitors from sources all over the internet.

FACT:  Social Media Helps SEO

Yes, social media signals do help SEO now more than ever! With the recent addition of Google+, Search is now Social and Social is now Search. Why, you ask? Think about how you start your business... through word of mouth. Social media is just the biggest mouth of all.

FACT:  Clean Code Matters

HTML code should be regularly updated because old or bad code will slow down the progress of the search engines' crawl through your site. Search engines won't serve up the pages it doesn't know about, and that means no visitors to your website!

FACT:  There is no silver bullet to get ranked on page one.

Good old-fashioned hard work that is well-planned, well-organized, and a specific goal in mind is the silver bullet. You either have the time, knowledge and staff to do the work or you simply don't. 

Whether you are looking for a complete solution to doing good web or someone to do just a portion, give us a call at 713-457-1460 and see which of our experts can help you get found online.

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