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Doing “Good Web” Gets Rewarded - Websites Are Your Business in The Eyes of Google

You Have A Website - So What's The Point?

Really... what's the point of your web site? Are you practicing good web? Do you know what it means to DO "Good Web"?  When you created your website did you have a plan? A goal?  Any thoughts of the site's purpose?  Have you asked yourself these questions?

I know that we ask a lot of questions, it's what we do here!  Questions can help us understand your company's needs, which allows us to make better recommendations specifically for your company.  Here are a few things that we believe about websites and "good web":

1.  Your Website IS Your Business

If you are interested in ranking in the search engines then your website IS your business. Don't agree?  Think about it from Google's point of view. Much like you, Google cares about their customer.  They want to show the very best company / choice to their customer when they enter a search. A website that hasn't changed in years is not "doing good web".  From the search engines point of view if you "do good web" - you MUST be a good business.  So do good web - your website IS your business. If you make a change in your business - make the change in your "electronic" business.  The search engines notice ... and so will your customers.

2.  Websites Should Solve Problems

Routine functions that are handled on a frequent basis are generally the perfect solution for your company’s website and maintenance. Your website should be working for you, not against you. Click here to see a few examples of business problems solved by our website design and programming.  

3.  Websites Should Drive Business

Yes, if your website IS your business then it should generate business.  Your site is a tool and should be as finally crafted as your actual business. Just because you built it does not mean they will come!  You have to market your site. Call us today and let's brainstorm the right online strategy for your company, or fill out our form for a quick response from our Internet Specialist.

4.  Website Design Value

Your website should be worth a 1,000 words. After all, it is your image - your company – your blood, sweat and tears. Okay that may be a bit extreme - but it is the essence of your company and user experience on your website is everything. If your website provides the right information and your consumer has a great experience then you're more likely to earn more business. 

5.  Maintaining Clean Code

Is your site in compliance with internet standards?  Didn't know your site needs to be in compliance? What is compliance? Hmmm, we've got some work to do.  Just like your computer’s software gets updated - so should you're website code.  Clean HTML code does a lot to enhance your website's search engine optimization - but let's face it, EVERYONE would like to find a spot on the first page of search engine results. Making it to Page 1 requires that you start with a good foundation: clean code that is up to date and in compliance with Google's Webmaster Guidelines

Website design should be about functionality, user experience, and expressing your company's personality. So think about it. Seriously think about your site as an important asset to your business and consider whether you've done the very best with what you have to offer. If you can answer the questions in the first paragraph, and your website is accomplishing items 1 through 5, then you're in great shape. Take a day off and pat yourself on the back... or take a look at our online marketing section and social media section to see if you're ready for the next steps of "doing good web".

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