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Blog Design & Content Creation

A well-planned and handcrafted blog is an essential search engine optimization tool, and it's also a great way to invest back into your customers while "doing good web".

Companies that use blogs are more likely to retain existing customers and are 5 times more likely to win a potential customer visiting their site.

Blogs are a great place to prove you’re the expert and you engage with your site on a frequent basis. This is why blog entries should be added no less than two times per month, but that can sometimes be a big challenge for a small business owner. 

Not to worry - we've been copywriting and blogging in our customers’ voices for quite a while. Plus, with our blog to social media tools, we are able to utilize multiple "good web" practices as we push your content to your social media channels automatically.

Contact us to find out how we can create a user-friendly blog that drives traffic your website while speak to your clients in your voice - all without breaking the bank. Call us today at 713-457-1460

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