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Mobile Websites For Local Business Search Reach 61% of Smart Phone Users

Mobile Website

During the middle of 2014, mobile search surpassed desktop search results.  As the smart phone market place has grown by 55%, more users are using their device for search.  A smart phone user is more likely to search for a local business with no particular business in mind.

It almost goes without saying that if you are a local business and your site is not mobile-ready, there is a good chance you are losing mobile search business. If you haven't made the decision it may be time to consider going mobile. Mobile sites offer information quickly and they are naturally geared for local search! Think about the last search you did on your phone, then ask your friends, family and customers. If they have found information on their mobile phone, did it help them making a buying decision? As the cell phone industry is innovating faster mobile internet connection, consumers will look to devices to solve their problems more quickly and efficiently than thought previously possible.

If it's time to drive sales by connecting with your mobile consumer, now is the time to give us a call. We offer multiple mobile options based on your specific needs and budget:

Mobile Website Offerings

The Ferrari of Mobile

Our Mobile App: Specific to your company generally created with a purpose or reason for the consumer to download their mobile device.  

The Jaguar of Mobile

Our mobile/desktop website integrated hosted program: This mobile package makes your desktop site mobile ready and a few select pages of your website mobile.  The benefit to this package is that it is hosted with your website, and the few mobile pages have the option to view full website.  

The Mercedes of Mobile

Our non-hosted mobile website converts your entire website into a thumb-friendly scrollable mobile website. This program offers continual updates based on the revisions that occur on your desktop website and includes 1 hour per month of web maintenance on your desktop website. This program is hosted on our proprietary server and converts your entire site to a mobile-friendly environment. Because of the nature of the proprietary software, this website must reside on our server. Some websites that run heavy database actions or flash applications may experience programming difficulty that may require the upgraded mobile integration.

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