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Website Design For Franchises & Multi-Locations

Website design for franchises, multi-location, and licensee agreements can create a unique set of challenges. These challenges can become huge hurdles for some web design companies, NOT Us!  At Marketing Depot Inc., we offer a unique set of tools for franchises or multi-location websites.

Some franchise owners do not want to work within the corporate world, while some will want their own domain name, their own colors, and even their own website look. This individuality, paired with corporate brand protection, keeps everyone under the corporate umbrella.

Keeping collateral assets consistent can be such a problematic dichotomy. We offer several different versions of multi-location websites that provides both individual identity and corporate control, all in one multi-location product:

1.  Independence & Individuality:

  • Each franchisee site has their own unique URL such as:
  • Each franchisee can choose their own template / look & feel  
  • Each franchisee can choose their own color palettes
  • Each franchisee can add pages or remove pages of content from their site
  • Each franchisee controlled by their own Content Management System

2.  Brand Consistency & Control:

  • Corporate approves the number of templates the franchise can choose from, then sets the "default" template, unless otherwise indicated by franchisee
  • Corporate chooses the color schemes offered to franchisee
  • Corporate approves the addition of content pages or removal of content pages

3.  Combined Search Engine Optimization Benefits:

  • SEO functionality can be achieved for both corporate OR by each location individually 

We offer multiple options to solve your franchisee needs of autonomy whilst maintaining corporate control and a unified messaging system. For more information, and for examples of our franchise or multi-location websites, please call us at 713-457-1460 or reach out to us via email. We will respond to all requests within 24 hours. 

1678 West Sam Houston Parkway North - Houston, Texas 77043