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Websites That Solve Business Problems

SEO Strategy

Every business has some repetitive job functions that can be solved by technology... even when it comes to managing your website, yet many companies view their site as nothing more than just a business card or online brochure. Informational sites serve a purpose, but good web also implies good customer service. An added benefit is that you could save your company time, money, and resources!  Self-service can be applied by eliminating repetitive tasks, or by letting customers solve their needs on your site without having to connect directly with you.  After all, most users are looking to solve their problem in the most efficient manner so they can get back to what is important to them.

Solve Your Problem

Case Study: “Anonymous” Auto Repair Company - Houston, Texas

This well-known auto repair company continuously answered customer calls about appointment availability. They understood the importance of customer service and wanted to answer the questions quickly, but they did not have the manpower to dedicate to just answering appointment questions. We worked with them to implement a website strategy that tied directly into their scheduling system and allowed their clients to check availability online as well as schedule an appointment based on the convenience of both the auto repair company and the client. Win-win!

Case Study: “Anonymous” Vision Specialist Group - Houston, Texas

A well-known vision group repeatedly took calls from potential customers who were asking if a particular insurance was accepted by the company. The staff at this vision group did not have access to the list - some staff members had the knowledge, and some didn't. All of this confusion left their customers dissatisfied with the seeming lack of knowledge. During their website redesign, we strategically provided the insurance information up front for their clients to see. We also allowed their customers to fill out the entire intake and insurance form to get an insurance pre-approval before they even stepped foot in the vision office. This new feature saved our client from many potential dissatisfied customers and even saved their current customers time. Proven efficiency speaks volumes!

Make You Money

Case Study: “Anonymous” Tree Service Company - Houston, Texas

This large tree service company was tired of driving all around town for estimates when the job wasn't “guaranteed”. That being said, this tree service company is extremely dedicated to serving their customers but wanted to do so quickly and efficiently to provide better customer service while decreasing their costs and bringing in more business. We helped them implement a web strategy that focused on doing all three! We created a widget that allowed any potential customer to take a photo of their tree that needed trimming or removing, upload the photo and receive an (almost) immediate quote. This helped drive business and make money for our customer.They were pleased with their clients’ desire to help them become more efficient in their quoting time which turned into more business, faster!

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